Our Values


Integral Hockey has developed the best process in hockey stick repair using actual aerospace technology. Integral Hockey is also now recognized as the only option when it comes to playability at every level. Several Jr. ‘A,’ Jr. ‘B,’ Triple’ A’ Midget, Bantam and Minor teams have been playing with Integral Hockey repaired sticks, with extremely positive results and feedback. Due to its unique hollow carbon fibre repair system (as opposed to the traditional plug), there is no compromise in weight, kick point, flex, or balance to the stick, as is the biggest complaint in other stick repair systems. It has also proven an excellent alternative solution for clubs, parents, and players, footing the bill for costly stick replacements.

This speaks volumes of the quality in the repair when players at this level can use their repaired sticks with confidence, even during playoffs. A GREAT alternative to throwing away that favourite stick is considering the potentially huge cost-savings in repairing the stick as opposed to purchasing a new one.

Mission Statement

To see Integral Hockey as the most respected brand in this market, across Canada, and around the world, by providing a product and service with such value-added components, minor league players to NHL franchises will benefit from their association with Integral Hockey.


To see our high-quality system of repairing composite hockey sticks reach every corner of the globe, so the world of Hockey has access to a reliable, affordable high-quality repair process.

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